Donate To ADRA Zimbabwe Via Our Biller Code 85611

  1. Dial *151# and enter your pin to access your Ecocash menu
  2. Select Option Make Payment
  3. 3.  Select Option Pay Bill
  4. Enter the Biller Code  85611 for ADRA ZIMBABWE
  5. Enter the amount that you wish to pay e.g. 5 for $5 or 5.10 for $5.10
  6. The enter your account name as your initial then surname without any hyphen e.g. ssibanda
  7. You will see the following notification on your screen: You are paying USD 5 to 85611, ADRA ZIMBABWE,  Enter 1- Confirm 2- Cancel
  8. Keep these confirmation messages as reference and only dispose it when you are certain that you no longer need it

For more information visit us at: 2 Princess drive, Newlands, Harare, Zimbabwe