Epworth Garden Field Day

On the 27th of September 2011 ADRA Zimbabwe held a garden’s field day at Epworth secondary school to acknowledge the garden’s activities for this year since their inception in 2010.

 The day was graced by ZANU PF national chairman Cde Simon Khaya Moyo and Ambassador Amos Midzi among other dignitaries of the organization. It was a day of great adulation and spectacle as the two members of parliament acknowledged the organization for complimenting government’s efforts of empowering the locals.

Cde Moyo said that such non -governmental organizations as ADRA Zimbabwe were commendable because they are there to ensure development and give relief to the needy.

“We welcome friends like ADRA whose focus is to improve the quality of lives of our people. Those who save lives, serve God.” He said

  The day started with visits by guests to all three plots. They marvelled at the vegetables including peas, carrots, egg plants and many others at the small and big plots. Guests were even more appreciative of the efforts exerted into the mushroom project because it is a common fact among those with knowledge of garden marketing that mushroom production requires precision and patience in order to avoid losses of the crop as it is so difficult to maintain but on greater demand on the market.

The forty mushroom farmers have up to date pocketed at least $5 442 ensuring food security and improvement of livelihoods. ADRA’s project funded by Directorate General – European Commission Humanitarian Office (ECHO) mainly dealing with these gardens has not only helped the farmers with physical inputs but with knowledge of how to run business, market their produce and how to live healthily. This vital information is cascaded to them through nutrition, marketing and HIV workshops empowering them not only to be nutritionally stable but to boost the economic status of the country in light of the ongoing indigenisation programme.

Amid jubilations and entertainment coming from many choral groups among them St. Johns Voices of Angels, prizes were given to those whose garden plots were well cared for. This was seen through healthy plants; a sign that they had implemented lessons learnt in the training sessions given by ADRA Zimbabwe in their gardening experience.