Completed Projects

It gives us great joy to see a formerly marginalized and poverty stricken community rising from the ground, now capable of producing soap, peanut butter, sanitary wear and prac

This is a micro business project that helps in barter trade so as to own assets such as livestock. Matebeleland is a very hot area and the viable livelihood is livestock rearing

The project is titled Chiendambuya Development Initiative and covers infrastructure development, children and women’s rights, nutrition and HIV/AIDS issues

The project is entitled 'Kwanele' Enough is enough! And is an indication to correct the root of the problem of prostitution for a target of 320 women in Bulawayo

Current Projects

Zvishavane area is relatively a dry area so most households are food insecure. This project has come to alleviate this plight through provision of food and simultaneously encouraging the construction of infrastructure that benefits the community. Productive Assets for Chronically Food Insecure Households.

ADRA Zimbabwe’s key impact area Food and Nutrition Security stipulates that where they intervene they have to bring positive change, hope and sustainable transformations. With the lean season assistance they bring aid through food aid, climate smart training and internal savings and lending training to enable residents to adapt to their environments.The project will see to it that communities reclaim gullies in their areas to curb erosion and they will also build a bridge for easy access especially during rainy seasons

This project is titled ‘Beyond Food Aid’ and is a move by ADRA Zimbabwe to move from relief assistance to developmental aid which leads to self autonomy and independence. Beneficiaries will be trained in hands on commercial projects that include candle making, peanut butter making, sewing and farming.
This project seeks to provide livelihood options for those who have been discharged from food aid programs to provide them with sustainable food and nutrition security.

This project is titled ‘Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) /Education Project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by ADRA Japan and ADRA Zimbabwe. The 36 months long project will improve the water, sanitation and hygiene at 5 schools and the community through the construction and rehabilitation of water infrastructure while at the same time also improving the education situation by constructing classroom blocks for 5 schools in Gokwe.