Chiendambuya Development Initiative

  • Pupils sing celebrating that they now have new classrooms
  • The handover of classroom blocks built by ADRA Zimbabwe and Action Aid Zimbabwe


This project is implemented in Makoni District ward 2 and 5


The best way to empower a community is through communal ownership. This project focuses on education and empowerment as an escape from poverty. It seeks to redress the imbalances and oppression of women and children. It is an advocacy tool through educating men and training women in vocational activities


The project is titled Chiendambuya Development Initiative and covers infrastructure development, children and women’s rights, nutrition and HIV/AIDS issues


ADRA Zimbabwe will construct vocational centres and establish income generating projects for women and HIV positive people. Men will be educated to take part in the empowerment of women and discourage early marriages for young girls, encouraging them to go to school and achieve their dreams


The project is funded by Action Aid Zimbabwe


March 2007 –December 2011