Water and Sanitation Health and Education

  • Water is life and ADRA Zimbabwe makes it available to all
  • Children enjoy the lesson in a new classroom built for them by ADRA Zimbabwe


Gokwe North, Midlands


In many rural parts of Zimbabwe there is no proper infrastructure where pupils can learn comfortably. The most common structures you can see children learning in are huts made of clay and roofed with grass.


This project is titled ‘Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) /Education Project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by ADRA Japan and ADRA Zimbabwe. The 36 months long project will improve the water, sanitation and hygiene at 8 schools and the community through the construction and rehabilitation of water infrastructure while at the same time also improving the education situation by constructing classroom blocks for 5 schools in Gokwe.


The main activities of the project will include rehabilitation and construction if new infrastructure to better the lives of pupils and the community. There is a plan to construct wells, train committee members on the maintenance of shallow wells, and construct harvesting tanks at the various selected schools. To enhance sanitation there would be constructed latrines to avoid bush toilets. Education infrastructure has a bearing on the output of the school  products thus ADRA Japan and ADRA Zimbabwe will construct classroom blocks that will bring confidence and security to teachers and pupils who won’t have to miss school because of bad weather.


The project is implemented by ADRA Japan and ADRA Zimbabwe, funded by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.


The project started on February 25th 2013 and will last 36 months