Our Work

Zimbabwe is a land of opportunity and advancement. Endowed with natural resources, well educated and hard working population it has a potential to be a leading nation in Africa. Given this background it would be easier to conclude that all is well in the country, however Zimbabwe is still in need of critical players who take a part to support Government’s efforts in achieving development and advancement.

The Government has developed a working strategy through the socio-economic blueprint ZIMASSET (2013-2018) alignment map that directs and guides its policies and programmes. To achieve these targets in clusters such as food security and nutrition, infrastructure and utilities, value addition and benefication and social services and poverty eradication, organizations such as ADRA Zimbabwe play a part in complementing efforts done by the government.

ADRA Zimbabwe’s mission shows who their target is, what they do and with what resources they operate. The organization has left a mark and continues to leave a mark in Zimbabwean areas that include Binga, Gokwe, Zvishavane, Gweru, Chiendambuya, Bulawayo, Chitungwiza and Harare. ADRA Zimbabwe continues to expand by being active in civil society, engaging in appropriate and empowering partnerships to identify, facilitate and effect durable solutions to human need.